Daily trading on the DAX.

Trader4you has developed a unique trading system that focuses specifically on swing trading a current position (Short or Long) will be taken for a couple of hours, but can extend up to several days. We calculate the underlying powers of the index several times a day with determining the course of the market as our goal.

Trader4you the number 1 in automatic trading

Trader4you is number 1 on the list of best providers of automatic trading in the Netherlands. This was published by Beursvos.nl in the Top 10 automatic trading comparison on January 12 2017. The Top 10 automatic trading is an independent review with net-returns and compares trading systems on the exchange and supplies information of accomplishments.

Our accomplishments are good and that is the only way to tax a trading system.

Beat the Index

The most important factor to trade in the best possible way and get results is keeping your emotions under control: the reason why 90% of the private investors are not able to beat the index.

Plan You Trade and Trade Your Plan.

In our opinion success is dependent upon a good trading system and plan where you can completely turn off your emotions.