Disclaimer: Terms and conditions Trader4you

Here you will find our terms and conditions, our disclaimer regarding the services that we offer. Trader4you retains the right to adjust this disclaimer if necessary, on this page you will always find the most recent version. By using our services you agree to these terms and conditions.

Take note!

We do not trade for third parties and do not give any consultation. The only thing we do is show how we trade, everyone is responsible for their own actions.

Obligations Trader4you

Trader4you is committed to send all signals to their subscribers as soon as possible. Furthermore, Trader4you will answer all relevant questions. On the other hand Trader4you reserves the right to terminate a subscription at all times, for example when a subscriber expresses himself unreasonably or when there is another cause.

Obligations subscribers

Trader4you subscribers are committed to handle the information provided by Trader4you with care. Subscribers are not allowed to share the information with third parties, except when they have been given written consent by Trader4you.

Past profits

Past profits are in no way an assurance for the future. Based on an algorithm Trader4you uses, text-signals are passed on to their subscribers.


Trader4you calculates the forces in the market several times a day, to discover significant interesting opportunities. As soon as this happens Trader4you will send a text-message to her subscribers. Signals offer a high odds of winning, but are not always profitable.


The information sent by Trader4you through text is nothing more than an alert. Trader4you does not accept any responsibility for profits or losses, based on the sent alerts. Subscribers are solely responsible for their interpretation of the alerts and the manner in which they handle, and financial transactions are the full responsibility of the subscriber.

Text alert

Trader4you is in no way responsible for a text alert that is late or has not been received. Trader4you can never be liable for a text that has not been received on time.


The subscription for the subscriber and the associated services are valid from the day the first payment is received. It is not possible to request a refund for the current period.

Extending subscription

The subscriber enters into a contract with Trader4you for a fixed period, which will end automatically after the agreed period of time has ended. An extension for the subscription is valid from the day that the new payment for the new period has been received.